Painting a Dream Stencils

All Painting a Dream Stencil designs are created to convey a creative elegance that would be pleasing to anyone's eye. Each and everyone of our stencils are hand drawn, laser cut and tested for easy application before being put into production. Laurie Spagnolia is one of only 29 Certified Stenciling Teachers in the country through International Decorative Artisans League (IDAL) so she understands the practical and professional demands of an artisan in the field.

Every stencil in our line is made of 7.5+ millimeter mylar which makes them of the highest quality and thickness than most other stencils on the market. Painting a Dream Stencils are extremely sturdy, giving them a longer life for a multitude of applications. They can be easily rendered with paint or plasters. Be creative, have fun and remember imagination never sleeps!